Civil Disobedience has teamed up international queer visual arts project & collective Balaclava.Q to create ‘BORDERS – What’s Up With That?‘ – a cross-cultural, transnational curatorial project, exhibition and E-Flashmob. The reason for the collaboration is to align and celebrate the theme of this year’s Civil Disobedience festival, namely ‘Borders or more aptly as question Residente O Visitante?‘. The exhibition will be focused on issues of nationality, citizenship, racism, ethnocentricity, patriotism, nation-states, empires, migration, refugees, colonialism, slave trade, home and country, tourism, passports, visas and Eurocentricity — all from Queer (and feminist) perspectives. With the impending advent of Brexit, the global immigration crisis and the rise of the far-right and Trumpism the title and theme of this year’s Civil Disobedience festival seeks to highlight and explore these issues in the 2020 exhibition Residente O Visitante (translated to English as ‘Resident or Visitor’). For ‘BORDERS…’ the curators asked artists to explore and investigate the themes contained within the overall concept for the festival.

On January 8th, 2020 Balaclava.Q artists were invited to flood the internet (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) with images relating to the topic using the following hashtags: #civildisobedience #balaclavadotq #queerborders Selected images were screened at the Civil Disobedience exhibition in Athens (Greece), which took place between the 9th – 12th of January 2020. We are also delighted and honoured to welcome onto the Borders… Selection Panel Bari Goddard of London (UK) based G O D Photography.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Giuseppe Aresu (Italy) – Jonathan Armour (England) – Tiffany Baillet (France) – Jonathon Beaver (England) – Keith Buswell (USA) – Bill Bybee (USA) – Jietwong Cheekit (Malaysia) – Jose Luis Cortes Art (Puerto Rico) – Peter Domanic (Slovakia) – Luca Federici (England) – Kristi Giambattista (Canada) – Steve Glicken (USA) – Bari Goddard (England) – Thomas Hellstrom (USA) – Alexander Hernandez (Mexico) – Denis Huderski (USA) – Andy Jean (Canada) – Fil Jones (England) – Tomek Kawszyn (Poland) – Marc Kiska (Norway) – Jasmina Krajacic (Croatia) – Boban Kuleski (North Macedonia) – Karl Lakolak (France) – Paul Lorenz (USA) – Wayne Lucas (England) – Theodora Michelopoulou (Greece) – Chris Northey (England) – Stiofan O’Ceallaigh (England) – Claudio Parentela (Italy) – Shan Leigh Pomeroy (Canada) – Jay Rechsteiner (Switzerland) – Mukesh K Saini (India) – Miguel Sanchez (France) – Prashant Singh (India) – Menelas’ Art Page (Greece) – Sovan Satadru (India) – Michael Swank (Mexico) – Massimiliano Usai (Italy) – Thomas Waters (USA) – Igor Zeiger Photography (Israel) – Απόστολος Ζερδεβας (Greece) – Soek Zet (The Netherlands)

In situ photo by Emmanuel Barrouyer