Johann D’Nale

Fine art print on kappa fix 40 x 60 cm
Fine art print on kappa fix 40 x 60 cm
Fine art print on kappa fix 40 x 60 cm

Fallen Far

Disagreements between science and religion are nothing new – over 2,350 years ago Aristotle, his pals Archimedes, Socrates, Plato and others started to identify things about the universe which created a huge rift between themselves and the mythology of ancient Greece.

The series, Fallen Far, imagines what happens to immortals when their fame wains and they fade into insignificance. Their power deriding from the adoration from beneath the heavens – they have lost all of their abilities but their eternal life. How does this impact the ego of someone who perceives themselves as a god?

Science is humanity cutting through fiction and myth to understand the universe around them; religion was born from people needing a way to cope with mortality and inability to control the world around them. Religion’s current downfall is due to scientific advances giving our species god-like influence and it’s own inability to adapt and shine in the face of consumerism.

Is the recent trend to nationalism driving a similar diminishment of the influence of science?

The works

Hypnos (2012)

Sleep incarnate; he’s the twin of Thanatos (death) and son to Nyx (night) – a benevolent god.

He lived in a cave under a Greek island, a palace where light never shines, with poppies (and other sleep-inducing herbs) at the entrance; through which flowed the river of forgetfulness. The cave has no doors – so the hinges don’t creak and awake him. He slept on a bed of feathers.

He sometimes took the form of a singing bird – and he delivers dreams to man through the gates of horn and ivory.

Prometheus (2012)

A champion of mankind – having moulded him (and other animals) from clay with his brother, Epimetheus. Once the figures were moulded life was given to them by Athena. His more famous sibling was Atlas.

Zeus didn’t like this creation of life and forebid them giving man any of the gifts of the gods. This Titan had a wily intelligence and stole fire from Zeus to give to man (he entered the god’s home through the back entrance and snuck hot coals out of Olympus in a fennel stalk – no, really).

Eros (2012)

by some believed to be a primordial god; and the fourth to arrive. Born of a germless egg laid by Night, he smites maids breasts with unknown heat (apparently) and was born winged. He is known to be the god of love and of desire – and this covered all forms of sexual attraction – of both man and god.

A mischievous god, his arrows weren’t just used to create love, but to break it also.

In Situ photo by Emmanuel Barrouyer