Chrysostomos Galathris


Sahin is 20 years old and comes from Islamabad, Pakistan. Two and a half years ago he paid 6.000$ to Turkish slave mongers to ship him to Alexandroupolis in search of a better future. The Turks when they reached Evros river (natural border between Greece and Turkey) they got everyone out of the truck and told them to swim across and that another truck would be waiting for them to take them to their final destination.  The water was cold, the current was strong and deep, as a result six people were swept away. Those that managed to swim across, Sahin among them, discovered nobody was waiting for them. They walked all night until the Greek authorities took them to some building in Alexandroupolis.

One afternoon at lunch time, there was a big fight between refugees, the port authority officers subdued them with truncheons and whatever they could find. Sahin and another four people were taken to hospital with wounds on his head and left shoulder, the scars still visible.

Lately he has been living with copatriates at Karlovasi of the island of Samos  and working occasionally at greenhouses and other agricultural farms.

Chrysostomos Galathris


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