2018-Creation Vs Evolution

 22-25 November (Romantso)


The big questions have always been the same:

  • When did it all start? // How is going to finish?
  • Where do we come from? // Where are we going?
  • Is there any meaning to all of this?

We have two main sources of answers: Science and Religion. In the Western world the dominant religion is that of Christianity and it very firmly asserts   that the world was created by God. It provides no real motivation for this action but certainly implies there is one unknown to us.  Science responds there is no motivation   for anything, things happen randomly and due to the laws of physics they take a specific form.  Religion provides a very clear narrative of how we were created and what God wants from us. Although the specific moral guidelines are often confusing they are clearly stated in the holy texts. Where as science provides a model of the origins of the species which is constantly refined.  The model of evolution by Darwin basically says that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.

                Religion relies on belief of revelatory texts which are constantly being interpreted by religious authorities. Whereas science relies on the scientific methodology of gathering evidence to prove certain hypotheses or models. But the most intriguing thing about sources of answers are not necessarily their validity but how they are used to exercise power in society.  People in power will use whatever source will keep their influence on the masses.  And whilst historically we have been moving from religion to science, current affairs are showing a dangerous set back. The ‘enough with science’ attitude of the latest government in the USA. As exhibited in the denial of climate change or by the fact that the words evidence-based and  science-based are among 7 words to be avoided on the 2019 budget request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the country’s biggest health organisation. Two other words in the to be avoided list being diversity and transgender, which, brings us to the point that power as derived by different sources of knowledge is often exercised against the LGBT people.

We therefore ask our artists to meditate on the contrast between religion and science, especially from a queer and/or feminist perspective.