Ikarian People

1. Maria
2. Nikos
3. Isidoros
4. Nikos
5. Dimitris
6. Jimmy
7. Vivian
8. Anna
9. Kostis & Antho
10. Babis
11. Vassilis
12. Thodoris & Nikos
13. Working for the Arena
14. The Unknown Dancer
15. Ioanna
16. Stamatia
17. Teta
18. Giannis
19. Dimitris

Most of the images for this exhibition come from a small project I ran on my Instagram account when I visited Ikaria last year.  Much has been said about the longevity of Ikarian People and their joie de vivre. I wanted to do a project about the people I knew and grew to love, who are one of the main reasons I love this island.

List of photos:

  1. Maria Mpafina: Barmaid and Beach Beauty
  2. Nikos Politis: Kitchen Magician
  3. Isidoros Plytas: Surf Instructor and all around great guy
  4. Nikos Kouvaris: traditional dance instructor and cook
  5. Dimitris Rigas: Hotel owner and beach volley master
  6. Jimmy Lilas: Sick DJ and occasional bartender
  7. Vivian Glarou: Retired teacher and mother of Myrto
  8. Anna Meli: Ceramics Witch and Artist
  9. Kostis and Antho Plaka: Coctail Masters
  10. Babis Grigoropoulos: Sports Events Organiser
  11. Vassilis K: Beach coffee bringer and upcoming surfer
  12. Thodoris & Nikos: Beach Bar Boys
  13. Working Hard for the Arena
  14. The unknown dancer
  15. Ioanna Karimali: Boem Girl & Football Ace
  16. Stamatia Pori: Fitness Guru and Πανηγύρι dancer
  17. Teta G: Translator and Film animation workshops
  18. Giannis Koutsos: Chef/Dancer/Surfer
  19. Dimitris K: Student and Local Youth

All proceeds from the sales went to the Women’s Football team of Ikaria «Διαγόρας»

Prints plastered on wooden planks  (various dimensions)