G O D Photography

A new country a new career.
Betray the Father, rape the Son.
Show me the dead stars.
The Dust

G O D Photography has been photographing and exhibiting for the last 15 years.

His work encompasses film, photography, painting and music.

Body fascism is abhorrent to me, I prefer not to capture the typical muscled torso that most crave, they are artifice and ultimately flaccid.

Real, breathing, natural men and women with wrinkles, bellies, broken noses, a sense of being alive, are what I’m interested in – to me the rest of it is just pornography masquerading as ‘art’.

Religion is a favourite target of mine, a fat succulent whore basking in the worship of idiots.

No faith is safe, equally monstrous and beautiful.

“I was asked to remove five images from an exhibition in Madrid in 2012 on the grounds that they villified and and attacked Catholicism – the pieces were integral to the show. I was cornered and outraged, there was only thing I could do, so I went to the gallery and removed the entire exhibition and nailed a big red bleeding fish to the wall with six inch nails – Fuck your


In situ photo by Emmanuel Barrouyer