The Mystical Garden

            On Saturday the 24th of November people came for a religious experience that brought them to their knees. The event included talks, video-performances and lots of queer prayers.

Modern Greek Queer History: Politics and Art by Theodosis Gkeltis (14:00-16:00)

                LGBTQI activist and doctoral student  of Social Anthropology and History Theodosis Gkeltis gave us a lecture on the Modern Greek Queer History and its relation to art (in Greek).

The Case for the Canonization of Zackie Oh presented by Tomas Diafas and Kangella Tromokratisch(16:00-18:00)

               In this discussion we examined the case for creating queer Saints by proposing the Canonization of St. Zackie Oh.  Do we need symbols and heroes in the LGBTQI movement?  Is it a good idea to steal ideas from religion and why?  What characteristics would this Saint have? The Tomas Diafas made his case.  (Kangela Tromokratsch decided not to participate on the day)

A special video presentation by Alexino Piravlos was shown before the presentation. 

Welcome to Symposium: an avant-premiere and a special screening. (18:00-20:00)

                 At the last minute we were joined by director and artist Castro who send us two films. “as I have loved you”  (00:54) and “HéCTOR” (15:20) And as scheduled, an advance Greek preview of the movie “Welcome to Athens” (06:25). Followed by  a rare screening of “Symposium: an athenian rawmance”(23min). The director Menelas and several of the actors were present.