Emmanuel Barrouyer

Fine Art Print 45 X 30cm on Kappa Fix
Fine Art Print 75 X 50cm on Kappa Fix
Fine Art Print 40 X 60cm on Kappa Fix

On one hand, when I think neon, I think technology. When I think technology I think modern times. On the other hand, when I think nature, I think of course of Mother Nature, but I also think of the Human Body.

In these dark and troubled political times we’re living in, censorship seems to be omnipresent. You can’t post a tit or an ass on social media, without the fear of being reported by some algorithm or, worse, by another person.  We’re in the 21st century, shouldn’t we be free to express ourselves artistically in a spirit of total freedom?

Therefore, my contribution to ‘Civil Disobedience: Neon vs. Nature’ is in reaction to our so called modern society and the stigmatization and the shaming of our bodies and our sexuality.

As I write these lines, I learn that Turkey just banned all LGBT events in its capital! I want to thank Civil Disobedience for having the courage to give voice to LGBT and queer artists. E

Emmanuel Barrouyer

Fine Art Print 45 X 30cm on Kappa Fix
Fine Art Print 45 X 30cm on Kappa Fix
Collage 20 X 28 cm mounted on frame

Emmanuel is an artist, actor, photographer and performer based in Paris.

His artistic mediums are photography and (digital) collages.

Emmanuel’s artistic work mainly focuses on two lines: the question of gender and identity. Does the gender define us? Can it be defined? Is it natural or cultural? How do we identify ourselves?

Accustomed to work with his body, he often stages himself in self-portraits where he unveils and hides at the same time. Are the eyes of others a prison or an outlet? Is breaking free of the expected standards a transgression?


EMMANUEL 2018 || 2020