Alexinos Piravlos

Undomesticated Bunnies Fine Art Print on Kappa-Fix 30 x 45cm

Undomesticated Bunnies

These happily disturbed portraits reuse the language of ‘Playboy’ sensation in view of opening new vistas of pleasure, disorder and hope. Their map of possibilities is situated within enclosed, mundane and austere domestic environments. Renown and critiqued for the ways it connected material largesse with sexualised womaness, Playboy magazine had merged masculine power with a tired celebration of trophy-femininity. These series of portraits revisit and remake this style of erotica for the age of neo-poverty, social media fantasy and domestic re-enclosure. The Bunny Costume here crosses diverse types of bodies, genders and erotic orientations, reconnecting kitchen with screen, brush with glam and private with public. This repertoire of postures emphasizes a multiplicity of desires, spectacles and viewing positions. Erotica is here a mode of attack, a way of transforming one’s body and story, a playful exhibitionism of happiness, lust and anxiety – and finally, a cheap yet explosive way of battling with asphyxiating domesticity.

Model/erotic persona: Disco Pink

Alexinos Piravlos is performance artist, writer and ‘archeologist of dreams’. He has contributed video-performance, audio-visual installations and photography in the Athens-based annual exhibition: Civil Disobedience. His upcoming work is called: ‘Come on Darling, Domesticate These Industrial Rabbits’. Alexinos plays with queer imagination, the aesthetics of crime and the hedonic cultures of escapism. He has frequently collaborated with digital artists, popular magazines and theatrical festivals. He seeks to find an artistic practice that will transcend the contemporary experiences of fear, lust and vulnerability. His latest academic publication is Performing The Homo-Nazi Effect: Gay Neo-Nazism, Digital Drag Attack, and the Postcinematic Cultures of Crisis


Saturday 25th of November 18:00-19:00

How to Use Gay Nazis in Job Interviews: Facebook, Lust and Existential Sodomism

Talk — Performance – Delirium by Alexino Piravlos

How can you use a gay-neonazi  in order to promote recreational forms of pleasure for the unemployed? How can you invade an art exhibition with a water-pistol? How can sex and anger help you attack the banality of facebook?  Here comes a playful presentation of naughty happiness in the age misery: a polemical guide of fun and vision that re-uses ‘social-media boredom’ in order to stage a horny war against fear, hatred and uncertainty.

ALEXINO IN  2016 || 2018  || 2020