Leo Kalovyrnas

Unos Quantos Piquetitos

Passion Crime is what the media calls the murder of a woman from her partner or husband. “Passion” armed the hand of the murdered, we read.  At the same time we learn that passion is something beautiful and something we all want to experience. This is how Passion Crimes become about the ultimate expression of love of a man for a woman. The main cause of death of women aged 16 to 44 is, internationally, murder from a familiar person according to a report by the WHO in  2013. The murder by a partner (current or former) accounts for 40-50% of all female deaths in the USA. Each day four women are murdered by their partner. In Greece 19 women were murdered by their partner in the space of 10 months in 2009.

All the stories in the movie are real and have been recounted as they were presented in the press.  Unos Cuantos Piquetitos (a few cuts) is the title of a painting by Frida Khalo, which depicts the murder of a women by her husband, who told the court judge that he only gave her “a few cuts”.