Carolas Cienformas

Images are our illness, our madness and our cure as well.
Images knock our lives, when all of us are constantly pushed into this maelstrom of violence acts,
both symbolic and real. Is it art a proper answer?
Or does art amplify all the well known effects trough oppressive and non-stop damaging images
everywhere ?
Aruanda and Absueltos (acquitted people) are sequences of our reactions to the moment we live
in. We can’t avoid it, maybe it is our fate and perpetual fascination allowing us to rebirth in each
video we do. So we won´t die, we will stay anyway, longer.
Dangerous and in crescendo threats, with the ghost of death behind the timeless curtains of
history, we feel safe behind our camera. But are we really safe?
Anyway we defend ourselves with the illusion of some ideal erotic encounters (Aruanda), but it
never happens. Frustration leads us to perpetual fascinating,violent answers.
Finally, we enjoy it, just like you.

Oh I like it very much.
I woudn’t possibly add anything to it.
Except perhaps a quote.
It made me think of Martha and Harry and Fred.
Maybe Martha won’t be able to make it to her date with Fred this week.

Carolas Cienformas
Santiago, Chile
January 2015